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About Kools

Kools is a collection of tools useful for use with the Kondor+ risk management product. Since Kondor+ relies on Sybase and RMDS (ex Triarch) some of these tools can also be useful for these products too.

Kools currently provides:

  1. libSSL+. A C++ wrapper class to the Reuters libssl (Sink Source Library) which if the fondation of RMDS.
  2. FGS. A 'freezable' datafeed gateway server. This program is similar in concept to the old 'BGS' (Branch Gateway Server) except that it provides the additional ability to freeze the source so that updates on the sink side do not tranfer to the source. This is especially useful for Kondor+ as it provides the ability to do proper regression tests of Kondor+ by removing the differences introduced by data which updates constantly.
    FGS relies on PicoHttpD 1.2.
  3. Rawtickr. A simple sink client based on the libSSL+ above. Included in the sample/ directory of libSSL+.
  4. Snapfield. A simple sink client based on libSSL+ above. This just takes a snapshot of a RIC and displays the requested fields. Included in the sample/ directory of libSSL+.
  5. libDB+(TODO). A C++ wrapper class providing JDBC look alike classes and methods for accessing a Sybase DB from a C++ program.
  6. KPos (todo). A sophisticated Kondor+ position source server. The idea of this program is to allow positions for any instrument/folder combination to be requested by means of RMDS. The initial image would provide the current position and subsequent updates would be supplied as deal inserts modify the Kondor+ position.
Kools is an open source development project, released under the GPL and LGPL licenses.